The 9 Essential Marketing Mindsets

9 Essential Marketing Mindsets

Marketing is all about getting customers for your business and nothing else. Simply put if you can’t get customers, then you have no security or stability in your business. Most businesses die because they run out of cash from whoever invested in the business and the most common reason is “I didn’t have enough customers.”.

So that’s why in today’s post I am going to tell you the 9 mindsets you need to be successful at marketing so your business can thrive and not be just another failure statistic.

#1 – Marketing Is The KEY Moneymaker

Most activities inside a business cost you money instead of making it. Out of all the things that do make money, marketing makes the most money. It re-prioritizes what you need to do everyday. It’s the highest leverage area of your business where you can usually get 2-20 times your results without spending any more money or time on it.

#2 – It’s An On-going Process

We all like to think that what we’re doing is definitely going to work, but unfortunately that arrogance causes us to continue unsuccessful marketing efforts, and compound the failure instead of the success. If you take the mindset that everything is a test, you watch and assess what you do to make sure it’s working. You have to have the expectation that many things won’t work, but when you find the ones that succeed you use them over and over again since they are HUGE winners.

#3 – It Begins With Understanding Your Customer’s Wants + Needs

You have to understand them on a deep level. You have to know their desires, fears, fantasies, etc. Learn the words they use to describe their situation. Once you understand them better than they understand themselves, you’ll be able to develop deep relationships with your prospects and clients and offer them many products.

#4 – Customers HATE To Be Sold But LOVE To Buy

Instead of convincing them that they needs this, give them what they need to CONVINCEĀ THEMSELVES to buy. Allow them the pleasure of finding a solution to their problem so they can love making a purchasing decision.

#5 – You Have To Elicit Action

Marketing is customer acquisition. Human beings don’t make most decisions consciously, even though it seems to the buyer that they are the decision maker. Appeal to the emotional side so they have what they need to make the decision. Just don’t cross your own ethical boundaries so only convince them if it’s in their best interest.

#6 – Successful Marketing = Creating A Process And Sequence

You want to build a marketing system, so a customer can come to you and get a consistent experience of learning about your services, why they need to purchase from you, the upsells you offer, etc.

#7 – Your Success Is Measured By The Perceived Value

You can’t just have a product and say “Buy my product.” What customers want, is to make a decision that is massive in value and connection. You need to translate the value of what you’re offering, and why you’re the best choice (connection). You have to connect the dots for them and show them exactly how you’re going to solve their problem.

#8 – Meet Them Where They Are, Not Where You Want Them To Be

Find them physically and psychologically. Behave in a way that makes them comfortable with you, because you’re meeting them where THEY are in THEIR world. You can’t expect people to find us or meet us in OUR world. If you are expecting that then you’re in a world of hurt. Expecting it kills most businesses.

#9 – Commit To Achieving Marketing Mastery

It’s the most important mindset. It’s the most important thing you can do for the success of your business, your prospects and customers, as well as securing your financial future.